How do you see permissions in Square Space?




Many software and computer systems are role based. In computer systems this is called Role Based Access Controls (RBAC). There are two levels of Access Controls: Authentication and Authorization.

Authentication is achieved when you provide your credentials. Credentials are your username and password. If you fail to provide correct credentials you are prohibited from accessing the system. The username identifies a person uniquely. There cannot be two identical user names is a system. Passwords very important. Passwords should be a minimum of 12 chars and have Capital Letters, lowercase letters special characters like #@, etc, and numbers. A password of length 12 and a mixture of these characters is very difficult to break.

Authorization determines what you can do once you gain access to the system. Roles are names applied to specific permission sets that help the system owner prevent or allow changes to the existing system.

If you have multiple square space contributors, you can use permissions to limit access to areas of the site that are relevant to each contributor's work. This guide explains what each contributor role can and can't do so you can decide which permissions to give to your site management team.

How do you view permissions?



  • Site Owner

  • Administrator

  • Content Editor

It is important to understand these roles to prevent unwanted changes

Site Owner

There’s only one Site Owner, typically the account that created the site. Site Owners can manage all content and settings. They can also transfer the permission to a different account, which might happen if a designer creates a site for a client, or if someone new within an organization starts managing web content. Jack Foreman is currently the site owner


Administrators can do almost everything the Site Owner can do, except change the site ownership. This is a good permission level for collaborators who need full access to your site.  At this time everyone except Will Rice is an Admin. This is not a good practice. A person with the Admin Role is a trusted person on the Web team. Admins create pages, and moderate changes of a selected grouping of pages, All others contributors should be Content Editors.

Content Editor

Content Editors can add text images, blocks, and other content to existing pages. They can’t add new pages or access the Style Editor. This was one of Jacks Concerns. This is a good permission level for someone who updates your site regularly, but doesn’t make broad design decisions.

It was my intention to have a moderator be in charge of page editing. The moderator would be consulted before a content editor changed a page, and only the moderator could save and enable the change. I consulted forums and got the following answer from square space staff.

Square space does not support per page editor permissions at this time.