We have five parking areas. 

Parking Area 1 is on the left side of the entry drive.  It includes parking spaces for visitor parking, spaces for those with physical challenges, and spaces for senior citizens.

Parking Area 2 includes special needs spaces in front of the Administration Building and our drop-off circle.

Parking Area 3 is on the east side of the Sanctuary building with the entry from Pecan Street just to the east of the Sanctuary.  There are of spaces marked for physically challenged needs.

Parking Area 4 is our largest lot, and it is behind the Administration Building and the Fellowship Hall.

Parking Area 5 is a small group of parking spaces just to the west of the Education building that includes 2 spaces for our physically challenged friends.

Special Needs Parking  We have parking spaces in each of the 5 parking areas marked for special needs use.  We also have a drop-off area on the west side of the Sanctuary.  As you enter the campus from Pecan Street you will see a half-circle area to your right where you can stop to drop off your riders.  We have ramp access to all buildings and walkways throughout our campus.