Features Overview

Website Design

Today, most of us research our decisions on-line before making a decision.  This is especially true when selecting a church.  Studies have shown that 75% to 90% of potential church visitors will check out the church’s website before visiting the church.  They will be looking for clues about the church and its members.  The visitors will be looking for answers to some very basic questions like; what time are services, what should I wear, are child care facilities available and will they be asking me for money.  Many times, what a visitor takes away from the web site will determine if they visit a church.  So, the goal of our website is to convert “website” visitors to “church” visitors.

Everything about our website can and will have an impact on the potential church visitor.  We must anticipate questions and give honest answers, to provide information on service times and locations and extend a warm and welcoming greeting.

A lot of prayer and research has gone into the design of the new website in an attempt to make sure that we answer our visitor’s questions.  The new website URL, www.pflugervilleumc.org, was chosen for better association of the Methodist Church with Pflugerville.  While pFlame.org is cute, most folks new to Pflugerville and to the Methodist church don’t understand the significance of the “flame”.  Similarly, our current church logo depicting the Family Life Center goes unrecognized and unassociated with our church.  The new proposed new logo and tag line attempts to pull together our core values of Methodism, family and community.  The new logo design incorporates the Methodist Flame and Cross encircled by our loving members hugging and supporting each other.  Several options have been proposed for the tag line.  “FUMC Pflugerville, A Family Methodist Church” suggests strong family ties and a family centered environment.  An alternative, “FUMC Pflugerville, A Methodist Community” recognizes that today’s loving relationships may not be the “traditional family”.  One final alternative; Matthew 18:20 “For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.”