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Sutherland Springs Baptist Church

I know we have all been shocked and grieved by the terrible events last Sunday at the Sutherland Springs Baptist Church in Wilson County.  I urge each of us to pray for that community and for the people who lost loved ones and those who are recovering from physical and emotional wounds brought on by this terrible event.  We have sent the that church a message of support and condolence and I am inspired by the outpouring of love and support from sisters and brothers form all faith backgrounds who are providing care and support in Sutherland Springs.  I pray that we never begin to feel that these kinds of tragedies or this kind of evil are normal or acceptable in any way.
Several folks within our congregation have inquired about our own planning around safety on our campus.  Over the last several months our Trustees have overseen the upgrading of our electronic security.  Our facilities have become more secure with the addition of an integrated alarm system for the entire campus and the addition of several cameras to monitor particular areas. 
In recent days, we have received some valuable guidance from the Rio Texas Conference of the United Methodist Church and from Church Mutual Insurance Company about safety and our leadership team will be discussing a more intentional emergency preparedness plan that looks at all possible options in case of various kinds of emergencies at the church and during worship.  We have contacted the Pflugerville Police Department to obtain their input and assistance as we make these plans and they have scheduled a training event for us and other local congregations on November 30.  We should always be attentive to ways that we can make the Church a safe place for all, both physically and spiritually.
Please continue to be in prayer for our sister and brothers in Wilson County and Sutherland Springs.  Always be in prayer and remain grateful for Peace Officers who serve and protect us each day.

Pastor Wade