Back to Church Sunday, August 12

On August 12 we will celebrate the annual ritual we affectionately call Blessing of the Backpacks, it’s a back-to-school tradition. We know students will be packing and unpacking books and homework in their backpacks, along with lunches and pencils (computers maybe, too). They will have to review what’s in the backpacks daily. A single day of neglect and they could spend a lifetime committing grammatical crimes of dangling participles or subject-verb agreement. 

FUMC invites students of all ages to bring their backpacks, including a few adult learners too. (Remember we are never too old to learn.) Also, we will pray for teachers, administrators, students and parents—all who need our prayers for successful semesters of growth in knowledge. 

I would like to also declare it is Back to Churchtime, as summer and travels end. We may not carry literal backpacks to church. Yet, we do pack what is needed, so to experience spiritual growth and change. Let me offer these tips for the Back to Churchemphasis.

First, Show Up. If we woke up and said we didn’t feel like going to school one day, our parents would tell us to go to school anyway. So, we will refuse to make attendance decisions based on how we feel on Sunday morning, knowing the mysteries of God are unfolded and embraced in this place. In the last decade, regular attendance at church has dropped from an average of three Sundays per month to about one Sunday per month. FUMC, Pflugerville consists of faithful folk who will defy those kinds of numbers. 

Second, Carry Your Bible, showing evidence that you study and read it at home. The Bible is our textbook from whence we learn about the Christian life. Just as students are required to know their subjects before they opine, we should want to know more about the one called Christ as we step into the world live well.

Finally, Bring an Offering. We provide for our schools through our tax dollars, and we support our church through our tithes and offerings. The ministries and programs of First United Methodist, Pflugerville are funded by good stewards like you. 

I can’t wait to see what you are packing when you come to church this Sunday,


Pastor Russell