This is a pollinator friendly garden with a variety of native plants within it. The garden is a Girl Scout Gold Award project created by Bethany Johnson. On this page you will find more info about the plants, pollinators, and other arthropods in the garden and how they are beneficial to the community. 

This webpage is growing as fast as the plants and everyone is very excited about all the difference we can make just by helping out our local insects and plants! Please wait patiently for the updates to come, as we work on this webpage.

Save the Date - Oct 19, 2019

Beneficial Insect Fair

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Like to help?

We regularly go to the garden to plant and weed and water the garden. Your help is appreciated. Sign up on Facebook

Native plants like these are declining due to over mowing, the decline of open fields, and the spread of invasive species, so native insects that thrive off of these plants are in decline. Some plants, like milkweed, are special host plants to very important insects. Often times native plants are treated as weeds, and uprooted or killed. Weed killer is a very harmful substance, not just to plants but to pollinators. The weed killer is absorbed in plants and when pollinators drink the nectar, they also get a dose of poison. This is why the garden is a weed killer free zone, and is instead weeded by hand as a more environmentally friendly solution. Because the plants are native they have their own adaptations to help them survive and require little maintenance after they are well established. We also have a variety of plants for insects, including specific host plants, general pollinator plants and bee plants. The variety increases the amount of insects that will live in the garden. Planting season is usually in the fall or spring, and you can find native plants in local gardening stores, or in fields you can legally get seeds from.

Pollinators and other arthropods

The amazing thing about insects is the excitement of finding another one in the garden. The pollinators are the reason why we have plants and crops, and some of the other beneficial insects have contributed to pills and other medications. Their decline in population is the reason why people are building gardens, and there are many reasons why insects like bees, fireflies, and  butterflies are dying. DEET mosquito spray, ant killer and weed killer are very harmful for the environment, and insects they are not targeting. Overuse of these things is what causes the ground to get saturated with poison, that eventually ends up in the plants that insects eat and pollinate. Instead use cinnamon to prevent ants from getting in the house and half vinegar and water in a spray bottle, it is also good at killing unwanted slugs. Instead of DEET spray, use natural citronella spray, and citronella candles to be rid of mosquitoes. The natural spray is also better for your skin than DEET spray. There are many more environmentally friendly ways to get rid of pests, so I also want to mention house spiders as a way to get rid of insects in your house. Many people are afraid of spiders but, spiders are the natural predators of insects, so it seems only fitting to let them do their job, instead of killing them. If you don't want spiders in your house, release them outside, where most of their prey is. 

Thanks everyone, and please respect the space you share with your fellow inhabitants.